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Artist Statement

            The new series, Body, Mind & Soul, incorporates the concepts of my Windows of Color and Sacred Geometry series into a new, ongoing, large format oil painting series, as well as developing new symbolism for life from geometry.

            The idea for the Sacred Geometry series is loosely based on the concept of squaring the circle, not looking for a mathematical solution, which has been proven to be impossible, but it is more of a visual expression of the sometimes-impossible aesthetics of art creation and the symbolic mysteries of life itself. The expression "squaring the circle" is sometimes used as a metaphor for doing something logically or intuitively impossible. This becomes the challenge in each complex overlapping of the geometric shapes.

            The overall concept of the Windows of Color series tries to combine realism with abstraction by looking at realistic subject matter, like landscape, the figure and still life through abstract windows. Combining of the many geometric/organic shapes, color schemes and textures into one coherent design and incorporating the illusion of depth into the two-dimensional painting, I am trying to create different windows. This concept is executed by manipulating the more concrete Elements of Art: line, color, value, texture, shape, form and space with the abstract concepts of the Principles of Design. I also incorporate color contrast into the designs by using different concepts of basic color theory, as well as, the contrasting geometric shapes with organic shapes in many of the compositions.

            This Body, Mind & Soul series combines all these concepts and also explores symbolism and spiritualism by representing the human body, mind and our spiritual nature with the different geometric designs. For example, in Body, Mind and Soul 2, the geometry in the upper right side is the geometry of The Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci and the Golden Ratio as it could possibly be seen in a 3-dimensional form and represents the human body. The circular arc represents the dividing line between the physical and the spiritual nature of human beings. The geometry of the shapes behind the smaller landscape rest on this dividing line and represents the complexity and multiple layers of the human brain. The colorful organic shapes flow over and combine with the modified geometry based of Joseph Alders Homage to the Square series and represents the human soul. The image itself comes from a previous painting called The Nap Non-Objective and is from one of my earlier Four Types of Art windows series. The complex background become almost more visual and important in the image then the subject matter in the windows and adds another level of complexity and interest to the composition. I would like for the viewer to become involved in the complexity of the artwork, over a period of time, sometimes short-sometimes long, and not just look at it with a passing glance. These are concepts for the viewers to contemplate and put their own meanings and life experiences into. All of this and the elaborate backgrounds are used to portray the beauty of our physical existence with landscape as a proof of the creative force in the universe, by whatever name you choose to give it.


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